12 декабря 2009

A dream come true

On the 5th of November the long anticipated and festive moment finally came, that every citizen in the town of Tsovasar Gegarkunikskoy county waited for. The Grand opening of the new school in the name of Bakhtibeik Muradyan. The ceremony was attended by the president of Armenia Serg Sargsyan, The president of the republic of Nagorno Karabakh Baco Saakyan, and the minister of education and science of Armenia A.Ashotyan, and the owners of "BAMO"Group, The Muradyan family. The sponsor that maid this dream come true.The president of "BAMO" group Murad Muradyan by cutting the ribbon opens the way for the President of Armenia Serg Sargsyan, and The president of the republic of Nagorno Karabakh Baco Saakyan, high profile guests were greeted by happy and joyful future students of the school and local adults.This new school is definitely capable of awakening the crave for knowledge in everyone that will study here.The school is equipped with a modern computer class, a state of the art physics and chemistry lab. Everything necessary for learning foreign languages including a linguaphone, fully equipped military readiness classes,School hall, a gymnasium for P.E. classes, to open air playgrounds one for football and the other for volleyball.Students at the new school will wear uniforms specially ordered from the U.K., first school in Armenia with dress code.Many pleasant and nice words were said at the opening ceremony. As the minister of education and science of Armenia A.Ashotyan said: In Armenia the opening of new churches, military bases, schools, children hospitals are always honored. Also marking the real importance of Education, the minister said, that the future of any nation in the 21st century very much depends on the education of the youth of the country.

The future of our countries is in the intelligence of generations. Without good schools we can`t have good institutions and universities and academies, also shared by the head of BAMO group Murad Muradyan.The governor of Gegarkunikskoy county Never Pogosyan thanked the Muradyan family for this contribution to hundreds of girls and boys that now have a chance to gain a quality education with confidence to see into the future.After taking part in the school opening the president of Armenia Serg Sargsyan also visited the all new local hospital, that was built based on a request by the Armenian government, and also the house of culture "Nini" there is a music center where children can come and learn music, has a rich library and big hall that seats 280 people.We really hope that the goodwill and charity by "BAMO" group will spark a flow of wealthy citizens from within the Diaspora both in and out of Armenia.

Link: http://www.noev-kovcheg.ru/mag/2009-12/1890.html
Media: Noyev kovcheg, # 12 (147) December 2009
Autor: Gregor Gregoryan
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