19 марта 2010

Artsakh attracts good will charity donors

Well known "BAMO" group in Russia and Armenia will make an announcement in Artsakhe.

The Chairman of BAMO group Murad Muradyan is in the republic Nagorno-Karabakh not for the first time. However, every time he would visit a concrete address :< I have thought about coming here several times, but each time I would try to make my visit something urgent would come up and delay my visit to Nagorno-Karabakh. Mr. Chairman Arrived in Artsakhe invited on the behalf of Baco Saakyana the president of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Mr.Muradyan stated that he was honored to be given the chance to be on this heroic land. I`ve herd about many changes occurring in this part of Nagorno-Karabakh from my colleagues and friends and now I can personally view reality and see everything with my own eyes

Several days before arrival in Artsakhe the C.E.O of BAMO group had the chance to not only picture Artsakhe today, but the perspectives of development of Artsakhe`s future. I saw a well built capital, with quality infrastructure, first of all, roads, Luxury hotels, these serious factors could lead to further development says with confidence Murad Muradyan.

With out any doubt the determining role factor in the development could be the Armenian business men Diaspora all over the world, it only needs a little attention and focus, first of all we should introduce the new Nagorno-Karabakh to these people internationally with a full outlook on all attractions. Says the head of BAMO group with total confidence, that many would claim the want to come and see the new Nagorno-Karabakh, they would want to put their own personal touches into the development. I came here I saw things with my own eyes and I made my decision. Along side the president of NKR and highly positioned officials and already famous local businessmen Artsakhe in the reborn Shushi, Murad Muradyan decided, what his town of Shushi should begin to do.

For the restoration of the former palace complex, located next to Shushi county administration BAMO group will take on the restoration process of this site, the surrounding territory and square.

About perspectives in further cooperation in Artsakhe, which is one of the goals of this visit,

The head of "VALEX" and "BAMO" group are beginning to talk about general ideas.
Obviously, Faith is what joined us together in Artsakhe, This is after all an introductory visit The Chairman of "VALEX" Valery Mejhlumyan clarifies. However, our mutual interests with BAMO are growing. Whether we will work in building and construction or in the mountain mining industry, our mutual cooperation will be better understood later.

Web link: www.armtown.com/news/ru/aza/20100319/5588/
Date: 19th of march 2010
Author: Norayer Ovsepyan
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