31 октября 2008

Subject: the reopening of the sport and cultural complex in the name of K. Dimirchiyana

Opening ceremonyThe totally remodeled and modernized sport-concert hall in the name of K. Dimirchiyana opening ceremony was held in Yerevan today. The Armenian President Serg Sargsyan participated in the opening ceremony, alongside the Catholicos of all Armenians Garygin the second, The mayor of Yerevan, Government officials, Deputies of the national assembly, Public, political, and cultural figures, Karen Dimirchiyana`s widow and son Rima and stepan were also present.During this event the owner of the complex, head of "BAMO" group Murad Muradyan stated that the remodeling and modernization that lasted for three years, "BAMO" group invested $ 42 million and in result now we have the best center for sport and cultural events in the region.Based on his words in result of this finished project the region has a brand new ice rink, with fire safety systems, heat system, communication and safety systems, but most important of all the ice rink which will be working all year round, the complex also has a new state of the art sound system and lighting system. Noting the fact that most halls in the complex have been preserved. In the big hall, which is for mass public acceptance, exhibitions, and all sorts of different kinds of events, a fast food court and restaurants are being planned and organized. In the biggest hall in the center has a maximum capacity of 8000 viewers, is ready for all sorts of competitions, figure skating, hockey, mini football, volleyball, and many others.The smaller size hall seats 2200 people especially designed for concerts and corporate special occasions. Besides that "Ayastan" conference center is fully ready says Murad Muradyan we can hold summits at the highest levels for world decision makers and leaders.During the interview with Mr. Muradyan he Confirmed that during the period of reconstruction and reviving of the complex we installed brand new equipment.A reminder, that based on the Armenian governments decision on the 25th of august 2005 the sport and cultural building was sold to "BAMO" group in accordance to a takeover contract, BAMO group promised to keep the same title " Sport-concert complex in the name of Karen Dimirchiyana" and direction of exploitation and staff members.Notice: that at the moment of signing the deal, the number of staff members was 99 employees, on the other hand M.Muradyan stated that 415 jobs are provided and that these vacancies will be no longer vacant by the end of the year.CKK " Sport-concert complex in the name of Karen Dimirchiyana" was built 25 years ago, and the grand opening was held on the 31st of October 1983,the group of architects that designed and created this unique building site were given the highest government award for exclusive architectural designs and solutions in the Soviet Union

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