22 октября 2009

The most modern school is in Tsovasar village

The solemn opening of the new secondary school will be taking place in Tsovasar village in the republic of Armenia. 400 students have already started their education there. This modern and spacious building is really unique present made by BAMO Group for the village`s citizens.

Today we have a meeting with the president of BAMO Group Mr. Murad Muradyan
Murad Bachtibekovich, please tell us how did you come to the idea to construct this school?

Some years ago my brothers and I decided to construct a modern school where our young little citizens could receive quality education.

Without quality secondary education we could not expect a good level of high education in our country. In this case, highly professional managers for the economy and the state will have to evolve outside.

We hope that Armenia will be the main education center of the region and we had a lot of foreign students in our universities before. I believe that quality secondary education is the export component of our economy.

The population of Tsovasar village is 3000 people with the tendency of population growth unlike the situation in other villages. We have a secondary school but those whishing to learn with each passing year increase. 560 boys and girls are students. That`s why we made a decision to construct a new school. It was under construction during three years and finally in the new spacious building pery bell rang.

And the grand opening will be taking place in October. Invited guests from Moscow guests and members of the government of the republic of Armenia headed by the president.

What is the unique about the new school? What else can we expect in addition to general education?

The new school have the specially equipped laboratory for in-depth study of Russian language. We are negotiating with Russian foundation "Russian world" to be included in the international program to fund. Imagine that more than five hundred children will have the opportunity to receive quality knowledge of Russian language. Also our priority is the teaching of mathematics. We have an idea to establish the private fond "Mathematic and Armenia" in our school. The school has a state of art computer classroom, each of which is designed for 25 students.
The school will be available for talented and gifted children. Another thing is uniforms for the first time introduced in Armenia. It seems to us that in such way we form the respect of our children for each other, for their school, for their village.

School will bear the name of our farther Bachtibek Muradyan. Children education was a fundamental value for him. We will do everything possible to make this school the best education center in Armenia.

Will you follow the school life?

Being the member of the board of guardians I will participate in the schools life with great pleasure. Very soon we will start to implement different programs of stimulating talented and interested pupils. School will award money to the winners of school competitions and we will also help the best teachers. We will also help successful scholars to enroll into Armenian and foreign universities.

I would like to trust that our kindness could be a good tradition and example for those who want to invest in the next generation and we hope that the new generation will glorify the country.
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